Thursday, August 18, 2011

Costus woodsonii / Dwarf french kiss

Costus woodsonii is a lovely small size spiral ginger. They are one of the most common spiral gingers cultivated in Malaysian home gardens and public gardens. Now, i have added them as part of my first ginger specimens at home. In my workplace, i have over 10 bags which i need to tranfers them to bigger bags.

Adenium seed pod

My mother gave me 2 potted Adenium when i first moved into my current home with my wife. That was like 4 years ago. Throughout this period, i have only repotted them once into slightly wider pots compared to its previous pot. It survived attacks by caterpillars twice. This evening while i was watering the plants in my garden i notice something different with one of the Adenium. It has a seed pod! I don't remember seeing a seed pod of Adenium before and now i have it in my garden, what a lovely surprise.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ceiba pentandra - Kekabu / Kapok

This tree reminds me of my former workplace in Putrajaya. It was much easier to identify and locate the tree in Putrajaya but when I tried to locate it in KL Lake Garden, it was more like treasure hunting. There are many mature trees especially the big strangling figs around - luckily one of the branch was hit by lightning and drop to the ground. With the leaves and thorns on greenish bark, it is unmistakable to confirm its identification.